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Who is your Micaiah?

Strange question, isn't it?

Also, a strange name. So who is Micaiah and why should you care?
Micaiah was not a very liked man. If he had social media in his day, my guess is, everyone would have "unfriended", "unfollowed", "unliked" and any other thing that would cut him out of their lives.
But... Micaiah was a reluctant but honest prophet from the days of Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah, and Ahab, the king of Israel. He spoke truth to kings even when everyone else was a "yes man."
The quick story - the kings were ready to go to war. Ahab's prophets were saying "go and you will win." Jehoshaphat asks if there is one prophet who speaks the truth.  Ahab responded, "there is one, but I hate him". You guessed it - Micaiah. Micaiah comes and speaks the truth: If they go to war, the Israelites will lose, and Ahab will die (the whole story is found in 2 Chronicles 18).
Ignoring Micaiah, the kings go out to war. Their armies are defeated, and, from a "random" arrow, King Ahab is killed, just as foretold.
King Jehoshaphat knew better but still went to war. God graciously saved King Jehoshaphat when he cried for help but...

What if he had listened to the wise counsel?

What if Ahab had listened?

How many wives would still have been able to hug their husbands? And children would still have had dads?

What about you? Who are you listening to? Do you surround yourself with "yes men/women?"
Or do you seek out those who will speak the truth to you - even when you don't like it? And if you do, do you heed their advice or do you hear the words and do your own thing?
So I ask again, "Who is your Micaiah?"

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