Are You Alone?

No Lone Rangers Allowed

Are you successful? Have you achieved a lot? Grown your business or your team? Have you gotten there through hard work? Would you say that you might have a certain independent streak? Kind of a "I made it on my own" or "I'm okay, thank you" attitude.

One of the wisest men to walk the planet said once said, “Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment.” (Proverbs 18.1)

Maybe you are smarter than Solomon but I figured I would follow his advice. I joined Truth At Work. Yes, even as a Chapter President of Truth At Work here in Central Ohio, I still belong to Truth At Work as a member. We practice what we teach.

Are you in a key leadership position where you can impact lives of employees, customers, vendors, and stakeholders by making decisions? Are you doing it in isolation? Solomon is basically saying "If you are out on an island, you are out of your mind!"

How many decisions are you making every day that have long term consequences? Employment, financing, direction, quality? The list could go on.

Some of these decisions are business altering. Life altering. Some actually have eternal consequences.

Solomon also says when we are isolated, we seek our own desires. We are being selfish.

Solomon is very strong about the dangers of isolation. Are you?

Who do you surround yourself with? Who are your advisers? From whom do you seek counsel? Who is in your circle of influence?

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