Impact vs. Growth

Are you expecting the ASTONISHING?

The new year is here. You probably have, or will soon, review the results of previous year, compare them to the goals that were set, analyze the gaps in performance, and evaluate the various financial reports to see how you faired.

Once you wrap up the year, you set your sights on the coming year and start planning. What you will do better, how you will resolve the gaps that showed up? With expectation of improvement you create forecasts and budgets. You set new targets for sales and operations. You raise the bar for your team.


What if you focused on the wrong things? Putting a plan together for new year is fine BUT what if you took your focus off of the internal numbers - profit margin, balance sheets, sales revenue - and focused on impact? Specifically, "Kingdom impact".

Instead of asking "how will my business perform in this new year", ask "how will my business make a Kingdom impact in this new year"?

What is a "Kingdom impact"? Simply put, anything that advances the gospel into the world.

You can use your business in a variety of ways to make Kingdom impacts. Maybe through the improved performance of your business the community around it can be improved for good. Or positively improve the standard of living of your employees. Or maybe you can help a mission work with needed resources to care for its clientele.

The possibilities go on and on. The important thing is you move your focus from the internal performance metrics of business to the Kingdom impact metrics of external. If you do this, you start expecting the astounding - the astounding work of God through your business.

May you and your business have an ASTONISHING NEW YEAR.

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