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New Year Leadership Questions

As you enter into the new year, consider these questions.

1. Am I leading with "integrity of heart"? Do I have purity in my motives? Am I seeking the best interest of others? Am I committed to their success? Am I an "integrated" (or the same) person in all my life - home, work, friends, etc.?

Do I have "skillful hands"? Am I striving for excellence in all things? Is my standard for excellence higher than last year's? Am I fully committed to providing outstand service to my customers, employees, vendors, family, friends? Am I "all in" to doing my best?

Am I being "sharpened"? Do I allow others to hold me accountable? Do I report to anyone other than myself? Am I allowing someone to make me better? Am I being challenged by someone else?

2. Have I surrounded myself with trusted "counsel"? Am I willing to ask for help to solve some of the pressing, challenging issues facing my business and life? Do I have a personal board of advisors where I can be open and vulnerable? Do I allow others to encourage me to be victorious in business and life?

At Truth At Work, we are committed to continually raising the bar. Our promise is this - We will provide a secure environment to connect and challenge Christian leaders and deliver an unmatched value in investment of time, money, and energy.

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